Amazing Grace by Pastor Jonathan Willey

“Amazing Grace”

 Today I am so amazed by God’s amazing grace, the grace that saves, heals and restores. “Grace happens here” is a phrase I am continually meditating and rehearsing in my heart and in my confession. When life “happens” to you, remember that God’s Grace is more than enough, not just sufficient, but “more than” whatever has happened.

David understood how the grace and kindness of God had touched his life. In Psalm 18 David says that God had delivered him from his enemies, placed him in a large open space, taught him to wage a good warfare, and that the Grace of God and His condescension had made him “great” and because of that his faith was in God’s Grace.

Jesus demonstrated this grace by preaching the good news, healing the sick, restoring the fallen, giving “second chances” to all who would believe. God is the God who stoops down to our level, because we couldn’t get up to His. Thank Him today for His Amazing Grace!